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return-of-genius-loci / vn-a

Progettista  Tuan Dung Nguyen
Location  Ka Don, Don Duong, Lam Dong, Vietnam
Design Team  

vn-a visual network art architecture
Dipl.-Ing. Thu Huong Thi Vu
Dipl.-Ing. Tuan Dung Nguyen

Anno  2014
Crediti Fotografici  

KA-VNA-pe-001.JPG: vn-a (Nam Phan)
KA-VNA-pe-002.JPG: vn-a (Nam Phan)
KA-VNA-pe-003.JPG: Robert Herrmann
KA-VNA-pe-004.JPG: Robert Herrmann
KA-VNA-pe-005.JPG: Robert Herrmann
KA-VNA-pi-006.JPG: vn-a (Huy Bui)
KA-VNA-pi-007.JPG: Robert Herrmann
KA-VNA-pi-008.JPG: Robert Herrmann
KA-VNA-pi-009.JPG: vn-a (Nam Phan)
KA-VNA-pi-010.JPG: vn-a (Nam Phan)

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Descrizione del progetto

Which kind of temple should I build to the Lord because the whole world is the work of his hands?
The intention of being home with a huge roof for the folk leads us to the vision of the design. Located alone on top of a hill with the stretching forest surrounding, the church immerges itself into this poetic landscape. Only the cross is raised up by the bell tower. The actual liturgical church interior is formed by the large roof, as a metaphor of the sky roof, which sharply boundary above 2000 square meters represents a further extension for 5000 parishioners under the protection of God. Under the shadow of the veranda children can play and learn the catechism in both dry and rainy season. Inside of the church, the filigrant columns define adaptable liturgical space from the small to huge volume. Rhythmed with the small wood laths and the columns, nature lets itself to feel inside of the church through its transparency. Wonderful sceneries of Lord: the sun, moon, wind, fog, red earth, stars, rain…are the jewelries of the church. Glass panels between two layers of wood laths prevent the strong wind and let beautiful landscape reflected on wall elements. With the highly flexibilities of all the classrooms, which are around of the main liturgy room, and the huge veranda the liturgy space can be expended to a capacity of more than 3000 people. The altar is the sacred fixation, the whole plateau is holy, and the parish is the church.

“… As if in light and shadow, inside and outside, protection and width the community can congregate and celebrate their faith before God … that your church-being is not only limited to the building itself, but it finds many different expressions in a vibrant community.” *
*(Extract from the greeting by Archbishop Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki from Cologne to consecration of the parish church Kadon on 07/13/2014)

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