Dettaglio del progetto 2016

bellevue-first-congregational-church-adaptive-reuse / atelierjones

Progettista  Susan Jones
Location  Bellevue, WA, USA
Design Team  

Co-Chairs BFCC Design Committee
Otis Gillaspie, Donna Kozial
Owner’s Representative, Trinity Real Estate
Richard Leider
Rob Larson

Susan Jones, FAIA
Joe Swain
Michelle Kang
Brooks Brainerd
Marisol Foreman
Mesa Sherriff
Dhara Goradia
Brett Holverstott
Megumi Migita
design and engineering consultants:
Structural Engineer, DCI Engineers
Greg Gilda, Matthew Arnheim
Civil Engineer, DCI Engineers
Darren Simpson, Matthew Frisby
Acoustic Design, ARUP Engineers
Dennis Blount
Lighting Design, Blanca Lighting
Bev Shimmen
Lucretia Blanca
Landscape Architect
Lauch Bethune
Daylighting, Integrated Design Lab
Christopher Meek
Justin Schwarzhoff
Organ Consultant
Burton Tidwell
general contractor:
Goudy Construction
Blaise Goudy Owner
Carl Deach Superintendent
Gary Moss Project Manager
CLT fabricator:
Structurlam Kris Spickler

Susan Jones Harvard Graduate School of Design, M.Arch 1988, Stanford University 1983
Joe Swain University of Washington M.Arch 2012, Brown University, 2006
Michelle Kang University of Washington M.Arch, 2013, Barnard College, 2006
Brooks Brainerd Harvard Graduate School of Design, Vassar College
Marisol Foreman University of Washington M.Arch 2015, University of Colorado, 2010
Mesa Sherriff University of British Columbia M.Arch 2014, California Poly Tech, B.S.Planning 2011
Dhara Goradia University of Washington M.Arch 2015, University of Virginia
Brett Holverstott University of Oregon, Reed College
Megumi Migita Meiji University 2016

Anno  2016
Crediti Fotografici  

atelierjones: all except E_4, E_2, I_1, by John Koziol

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Descrizione del progetto

Within the strict grid of the two-story building, the irregular form of the sanctuary is inserted, pushing out existing walls and roof, creating a new definitive form within the existing matrix. Delineation between walls and roof are collapsed by using structurally integrated CLT, or cross-laminated-timber panels, as the primary structure and finish material, further reducing the project’s overall carbon footprint. Small shafts of skylights are inserted into this composite skin, creating sharp, high light within the new, 50’ high space. Employing the CLT panels as an irregular, folded plate structure insures both greater structural stability as well as a rich interplay of light, shadow and the warm texture of the Canadian White Pine of the white-washed CLT panels. Building out of the research performed by the Univeristy students and the submitting architect/professor and her firm, the project looks closely at issues of tectonics, form, building technology, space and light in this new sacred space.

One of the oldest churches in the exurban tech city outside of Seattle, the First Congregational Church congregation was established in 1896. Since the 1990’s, the church’s social service and congregational needs have been outgrowing their existing building and in 2013, the congregation sold their well-located downtown property, currently located on the central corridor in downtown Bellevue. Reinvesting, just on the edge of the downtown, just ½ mile away, the church adapts a classic lowrise suburban 1970’s office building into their future space of worship and community outreach. The adaptive reuse of a tired, commercial real estate building type into a spiritual space not only commits to ecological sustainability by reusing an existing building, but provides a twist on the broader national trend of converting our existing spiritual spaces into commercial uses.

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