Dettaglio 2020


Designer prof. Ing. arch. Petr Pelčák
Location Osek nad Bečvou, Rep.Ceca
Design Team

prof. Ing. arch. Petr Pelčák
Ing. Petr Uhrín
Ing. arch.Marcela Uřídilová

Anno 2017
Photo credits

Photographs: Filip Šlapal and Zdeněk Sodoma
Photographs of the model: David Židlický

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Descrizione del progetto

Chapel of St. Wendelin, Osek nad Bečvou
2013 – 2017
This family chapel, in the foothills of the Oderské vrchy built by a self-reliant commissioner, is dedicated to the memory of his grandfather.
It is placed onto a mountain ridge, but not at the top, but on the slope at the edge of a wood incorporated into the rhythm of a cherry tree orchard at a field path and facing out to the east on the village of Osek with the home of the commissioner and the top of Hostýn hill. It is placed in the landscape with the precise geometry of its structure defined by Le Corbusier’s Modulor with the abstract white colour and material of concrete embedded into tree trunks. The vertically channeled structure, given by the impression created by the trunks of boarding, can be perceived as a motif consecrated to nature, as well as a basic motif of human culture and an ancient sacred symbol. The rose window of the eastern facade is “glazed’ with transparent and blue glass “stones”, this being waste from glass-makers pans placed into steel grates. The atmosphere of the interior space of the chapel is transformed by the light, which changes over the course of the day and the year in accordance with the sunlight and its reflection on the edges of the glass crystals and the gilding of the arches. Its walls were painted by Hana Puchová, the statue of Saint Wendelin was carved by Jiří Středa and the bell workshop Tomášková – Dytrychová made the bell, which can be heard by passersby.

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