Dettaglio 2020


Designer Krizsán András
Location 1188 Budapest, Nemes u. 62
Design Team

Architect: András Krizsán DLA architect

Architect staff:

Zoltán Tömpe architect
Lajos Szabó architect
Gergely Krizsán architect

Anno 2017
Photo credits

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

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Descrizione del progetto

No architectural task has undergone such radical changes throughout the past centu¬ries as church architecture. Builders of former periods have had tradition, the significance of their heritage as their starting point, and they followed historic styles. Contemporary architecture ambitions simplicity, rational and clear interiors and forms. The Lutheran church in Pestszentlőrinc, which is being built now, is not a luxurious one: it does not attract at¬tention with its unique forms, or uninteresting superfluous decorations, but rather with the simple architectural formation of the liturgical functions. The venue where people can get to know their own depths, their real nature, get in touch with God and their human fellows, and with the help of arts experience harmony with the world surrounding them. Its exterior and clear mass formation, the homogenous facade show that it is down to earth, and yet ambi¬tions to reach for the skies. It shows the pres¬ence of powers within that have the capacity to carry away everyone. Once, when we all of a sudden can feel both the energy of prayer in the everyday life of our earthly existence and the transcendental experience of community.

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