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church-of-the-holy-fami­­ly / Brazil

André Vel­lo­so

Pro­get­ti­sta André Vel­lo­so Ramos
Loca­tion Park Way Qua­dra 27 A/E 4, Bra­sí­lia — DF
Nazio­ne Bra­zil
Desi­gn Team

Author­ship: André Vel­lo­so, Eder Alen­car and Lucia­na Sabóia.
Col­la­bo­ra­tors: Pau­lo Vic­tor Bor­ges and Mar­ga­ri­da Massimo.
Interns: Rodri­go Rezen­de, Pedro San­tos and Julia Huff.

Anno 2022
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Joa­na França

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The archi­tec­tu­ral con­cept adop­ted unfolds itself from the rela­tion­ship bet­ween spi­ri­tua­li­ty, natu­re, and com­mu­ni­ty. Spi­ri­tua­li­ty com­mu­ni­ca­tes itself in the Catho­lic reli­gion throu­gh its rites, cele­bra­tions, and sacred sym­bols. The sacred sen­se stands and reno­va­tes itself throu­gh the sen­si­ti­ve con­tact of natu­re, which evo­kes the divi­ne pre­sen­ce and the inte­gra­tion with the cosmos. Archi­tec­tu­re, on its turn, has been the pri­vi­le­ged spa­ce of mani­fe­sta­tion of the sacred by the per­son who occu­pies it, whe­re the light pene­tra­tes deli­ca­te­ly or whe­re the silen­ce of the sto­ne mani­fests itself in the mur­mur of the prayers. The cir­cu­lar nave brings as a con­cept this gestu­re of wel­co­ming, as it appro­xi­ma­tes the altar to the congregation.
Natu­ral light pene­tra­tes throu­gh the roof cir­cu­lar ring, tran­sfor­ming the inter­nal spa­ce of the nave, which is dispo­sed half level below the natu­ral height of the plot. This allo­ws the over­flow of the land­sca­pe throu­gh a small ope­ning ali­gned to the ground floor, at the same time that it pre­ser­ves the inti­ma­cy of the inter­nal spa­ce. Such a fea­tu­re is only pos­si­ble due to the ele­va­tion of the cir­cu­lar con­cre­te volu­me, suspen­ded by six pil­lars that belong to the struc­tu­ral foun­da­tion implan­ted in the topo­gra­phy. By revea­ling the pre­sen­ce of the hori­zon, the archi­tec­tu­re beco­mes a con­sti­tu­ti­ve ele­ment of the land­sca­pe, an ope­ning to the poe­tic dimen­sion of the world, con­nec­ting the mate­rial rea­li­ty to its spectator’s gaze.
The gene­ra­ting outli­ne of the desi­gn is deter­mi­ned by to main axes. The nor­­th­­we­­st-sou­­thea­­st axis con­nec­ts the cir­cu­lar nave, the annex, and the exi­sting buil­ding to the back, whe­re the parish acti­vi­ties are loca­ted. Along its exten­sion, the­re is a linear squa­re, a spa­ce facing the city, which ser­ves as sup­port to the erra­tic rou­te of tho­se who are immer­sed in the ritua­li­stic act or even the tra­ve­ler on the road, in the search for the suspen­sion of the eve­ry­day life or for a refu­ge from the tor­men­ts of being. Per­pen­di­cu­lar­ly, the nor­­thea­­st-sou­­th­­we­­st axis pre­ser­ves the con­tem­pla­ti­ve view: the cros­sing of the line of the hori­zon with the ver­ti­cal volu­me of the cam­pa­ni­le signals and gui­des the visi­tor or tho­se who cross the high­way in full speed at a distance.

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